2017 Season Booster Club Player Dues

Thank you for supporting your daughter and team by joining the 2018 Grayson Girls Lacrosse Booster club!

Please scroll down and select the appropriate payment option using either Cash, Check or thru PayPal.

  • 2018 dues are $250.00 per player.(PayPal, Cash or Check)
  • 20% sister discount on one player's dues if a family has 2 girls playing, 10% on girl's dues if she has a brother playing. (See Craig Champaign for family discounts)
  • Dues MUST be paid at or before Meet the Rams (which will probably be 01/28/2018).  NO EXCEPTIONS.  
  • Dues paid at MtheR can be by cash, check or PayPal.  If paid at MtheR by PayPal, must be paid in full and will include the PayPal surcharge; i.e., dues paid via PayPal are $257.00.
  • Dues can be paid in the preseason on PayPal in full or two payment installment, Final payment due no later than January 28 2018. If you chose a payment play, payments will fall every 30 days on the date of the first payment. A small $7.00 fee has been added to use PayPal to cover those expenses, 
  • All dues paid in the preseason will be refunded less the PayPal surcharges if the player is not placed on a team. Equipmant or player packages will not be refunded.

Any concerns regarding payment of dues MUST be brought by the parent directly to the Booster Club Executive Board, not the Coaches. 


Grayson High School Player Dues

Note: Paymet includes a $7.00 PayPal convience fee

Option 1: Payment in Full: $257.00 

Player Name